Endlessly entertaining shows you won't forget!

Endlessly entertaining shows you won't forget!

Mighty Mike is putting a new spin on a classic tradition. Your audience is looking for an authentic experience, but modernized for the 2020s. Mike is a multiple Guinness World Record breaker, who has been trained in a line of performing strongmen going back four generations, and stays true to this age-old craft while keeping things fresh, funny, and family friendly.

The Mighty Mike Show will light up your social media with photos and mentions of Mike in his 1920s bathing suit performing authentic feats of strength from 100 years ago. Blowing up hot water bottles, bending horseshoes, tearing packs of cards, juggling bowling balls, the feats are unbelievable!

This multiple award-winning show is not just about the feats: The ironic, self-reflective comedy and unique audience participation bits are the result of years of careful crafting and creativity. The show has been professionally directed, and Mike works tirelessly writing new material that can bring the old time strongman of the 1920s into the modern era.

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    The Mighty Mike show is fully insured and
    can provide a liability insurance certificate upon request!
    "Your professionalism during our exchanges as well as during
    your shows are all to your credit. The fact that your number is
    very dynamic, funny and intriguing, has certainly contributed to
    you receiving great ovations from the public"
    Lyne Theriault, Executive Producer and Exterior Programmer,
    Just For Laughs