Step Right Up!

Witness Mighty Mike juggle bowling balls and sledgehammers as if light as a feather, tear packs of cards, bend pounds of metal... while wearing a 1920s style bathing suit.

Quick-witted jokes keep audiences all over the world laughing amidst the impressive feats of strength.

Ready for a new spin on a classic tradition? This is a strongman show like you've never seen before!


"The Mighty Mike Show has been an excellent addition to the State Fair of Texas entertainment line-up. Our fans absolutely love it. You don’t want to miss out!”

Jason Hays, Vice President - Brand Experience
State Fair of Texas

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Why Mighty Mike ?


The Mighty Mike Show is professionally directed and brings a unique display of world-class feats of strength and comedy to any and every event.


As a former insurance broker himself, the Mighty Mike Show is fully insured and can provide a liability insurance certificate upon request!


Mighty Mike began training back in 2016 under Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers (in a line of strongman performers going all the way back to Joseph "Mighty Atom" Greenstein in 1928).


The Mighty Mike Show is multiple award-winning and has received high praise for its originality in performing for audiences of every age, in over 25 countries around the world.

"Your professionalism during our exchanges as well as during your shows are all to your credit. The fact that your number is very dynamic, funny and intriguing, has certainly contributed to you receiving great ovations from the public"

- Lyne Theriault, Executive Producer and Exterior Programmer
Just For Laughs

Watch Mighty Mike in action!
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"I've watched Mighty Mike charm audiences from Canada to Kuwait. He’s fresh, funny, family-friendly, and a terrifically feel-good time."

- Allison Williams, Artistic Director | Events Manager
Dundas Busker Festival | Dolphin Creative