Thanks for joining the list!

What can you expect?

  • This is a monthly letter I decided to create for people who appreciate my work and want to keep up with me, beyond looking at the occasional snaps on Instagram or Facebook. 

    For almost a decade now I’ve been a professional entertainer, and one of the best aspects of this career is the connections I make!

    In this letter I will share things I’m working on professionally, and things I’m thinking about personally. I welcome discussion and feedback on everything and will do my best to respond. I hope it will be a fun read for you but also a neat way for me to connect with folks throughout the year, on and off the road.

    I’m not exactly sure what it’s going to be, except I can promise a few things: 

    • It will arrive in your inbox once a month
    • It will be hand-typed by me - NOT a robot. Unless the robot has a good sense of humour
    • It will aim to be the coolest letter from a business anyone’s ever seen

    I hope you enjoy it!