“Over the years, I have had more clients requesting to book me after having seen my shows, and when finding I’m already booked, were left to the unenviable task of combing through the thousands of emails, promo videos, and google searches unearthing acts of dubious quality.

After hearing a few horror stories of ‘who they ended up booking’, even checking out the shows myself, I started helping these people out. As the clients keep coming back, the business has grown organically. I also began curating the variety entertainment line up of one fair in the USA, and then another one requested I do it for them as well.

I think the reason they gravitate to me is because I actually care about these shows. As an enthusiast of this kind of live performance since the age of 12, I still sit front and centre to watch. It’s not an act, it’s an obsession. I hired a 4 person acrobat crew from Quebec to perform at my wedding. I have a defined aesthetic for what I like in this kind of show, and what I don’t. I have a list of who is good, and who isn’t, and on what criteria. When my clients appreciate this aesthetic, it builds a long term working relationship.”